Monday, February 25, 2013

Utorrent speed hacks..


uTorrent is the best BitTorrent Client on the planet.
With it's super cool , fast , light interface it is use by more than 5 million people worldwide.
I will teach you how to customize it and use the best features it has got effectively.

Configure the pretty old theme of uTorrent and make a cool theme out of it using skins.
It is a tricky job of installing the skin so I made a skin pack whick you can download here and install.
Just run INSTALL_ME.bat and enjoy your new uTorrent.
Download Now!!


Torrent running too slow then these hacks will surely speed them up.

Problem:-Got a slow speed , speed up the download by adding a lot of trackers here are some few trackers .
How to apply a tracker to a torrent in uTorrent:

Since the most commonly used BitTorrent client is uTorrent, I’ve explained how one applies these trackers in uTorrent. For most other torrent clients, the procedure is similar.

Right-Click on the torrent which is very slow and go to Properties.

In the Properties window, under the General tab, you’ll notice a list of existing trackers for the selected torrent(usually one tracker). ‘Copy’ the list from above and ‘Paste’ it into this window

More hacks coming up please

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